For used auto parts retailers

If your business is related to the sale of used auto parts, then US cars are the perfect source for them. Although the used auto parts business is highly profitable, there are many pitfalls and difficulties in choosing a reliable partner.
Our company can help you buy, dismantle, deliver, and clear customs for auto parts in the EU. Contact us and we will build the logistics part of your business, just buy cars and deliver them with us!

We have our own warehouses where we cut up cars.

Each spare part has individual packaging. Photos and videos are taken to document the loading process.

We ensure even small plastic parts are submerged and nothing gets lost!

We understand that every little item loaded into a container is your profit. That’s why we help our clients earn more by providing a completely open and transparent service!

We know how difficult it is to find someone who can properly dismantle and load cars.

We understand the challenges in this market and solve them better than anyone else, which is why clients choose to work with us. Plus, our office in Poland allows for cheap and completely legal customs clearance of these parts!



Auto dismantling in the USA.

We dismantle the car in the usa, pack it, load it into a container, deliver it to the eu, and customs clear the parts.


Auto dismantling at our hub in Poland.

After purchasing the car, it is loaded into a container, delivered to the EU, cleared through customs, and then delivered to our hub, where it is dismantled, packed, and delivered to you already disassembled.

Each approach guarantees quality to you.
Contact our specialists to choose the option that best suits you.

*Please note, due to the time difference, our specialists from the Jersey office may contact you from 1 PM to 10 PM Central European Time.